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I am in my final week in Fresno where I have been working with Work Comp injuries for 6 weeks.  It has been a great experience and I have met a lot of great people at work, CrossFit Fresno, and my two awesome room mates.  I thoroughly enjoyed CrossFit Fresno.  Jon and Rosanna are excellent trainers and I have been impressed with the emphasis on technique, corrective movements/warm up and variety of WODs they prescribe.  I would feel safe sending a patient to them to progress a motivated persons wellness and fitness.      

Everyone strives for wellness.  The main components are simple.  Exercise, nutrition, and rest.  Exercise and rehab is broken down into 3 more pillars:  Reset, reinforce and reload.  Gray Cook and the folks at Functional Movement Systems have preached using this as a treatment for any functional deficit (injury or no injury).  

1)  Reset the system – Use techniques such as manual therapy, massage, self mobilizing devices or neuromuscular training to relearn the pattern that is dysfunctional.

2)  Reinforce the system – once the system has been reset, use tape, corrective exercise, or practice to keep the changes that have been made.  Using tape and corrective exercise will ensure the changes convert into daily activities or improve an exercise technique (ie – overhead squat, running gait.)

3)  Reload – Exercise in the new pattern that has been reinforced.  

Kinesio Tape, Rock Tape, Leukotape are all brands and philosophies that can be utilized in step two above (Reload).  I have be trained in Kinesio Tape and use it on about 75% of my patients.  Kinesio Tape can be used for:  

1)  facilitation of weak or dormant muscles

2)  inhibition of tight or overused muscles and

3)  mechanical correction of joint play

Using Kinesio or other brand can greatly enhance a Crossfiter’s program.  With the recent CrossFit games 2013 in LA last weekend, many in my classmates were exposed to Rock Tape.  On my last class this Thurs, I hope to educate some of them and demo proper use of tape for effective Reinforcement of a dysfucntion.  Every Crossfiter has a pattern or impairment that can be reinforced.

Thanks for a great time, Fresno.  I have learned a lot.  Now, on to Cape Cod…