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Anthony Kim

Belt Buckles have been integral in men’s western and business attire for many years.  Since Anthony Kim immersed on the PGA tour flaunting his good luck AK over sized belt buckle, the trend has exploded.  In 2006 he began styling his initials because he said nobody sponsoring him was going to create a buckle like Tiger’s Nike Swoosh, so he personalized it.  Well the trend took.  All the hippest dressed PGA and LPGA players are wearing flashy buckles.  Rory Sabatini, Anthony Kim, Camillo Villegas, and Rory McIlroy are among the flashiest PGA professionals leading the trend. Well leave it to golfers to make it into a lucrative business.  Bettinardi a company that sponsors Angel Cabrera sells custom belt buckles for 175$.  Luckily there are plenty of used and unique belt buckles out there that can be found at pawn shops.

I admit, I love chunky belt buckles.  I routinely wear them with my jeans and with the right slacks on the golf course.  Unfortunately there are not many options for women in the golf department for clothing let alone flashy belt buckles. I have browsed just about every women s department store and golf shop in the Bay area and it is tough to find stylish women’s golf apparel.

So why is there such a buzz and following over the accessory?  First of all, golf attire is boring.  It is conservative and predictable.  If we are trying to grow the game of golf in adolescents, the worst thing you can do is give them a heavy thread polo shirt with a logo in the left hand corner and pleated khakis.  IF you want to play good, you gotta look good!  This is especially the case with women.  Unfitted frumpy pastels are not going to cut it.  Hopefully the etiquette of golf is here to stay, but I am all for the hip accessorizing that men and women have latched onto in the past few years.  Some think that the belt buckles are too flashy.  Tatoo Golf and Rory Sabatini has gotten a lot of flack for the skull and crossbones belt buckle going so far as to threaten whether or not he should be allowed into Augusta.  Well, back to the last paragraph…are we trying to keep the youth from finding the game of golf more than frumpy?  Style and individualism develop confidence and confidence improves athletic performance.

Tattoo Golf Belt Buckle

Now, this is MY theory on golf belt buckles.  Notice how those wearing the chunky, flashy buckles all wear their pants low around the hips.  Only a physical therapist would think this.  The belt buckle is situated in the center of the pelvis (between the Anterior Superior Iliac Spines).  I think it enhances core stability.  It just feels secure situated around your pelvis (rather than your waist) which ultimately helps improve kinesthetic awareness.  Improved awareness of where your body is (in space) improves controlled mobility of the pelvis on the hips in the back swing and dissociation during the kinematic sequence in the down swing.

This is a no brain-er.  The golf belt buckle has the potential to change the future of golf.  More style and more core stability means more young golfers playing golf pain-free for many years.