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It is Thursday evening and you are playing softball. After fielding a ball you throw to first base and feel an intense pain on the front of your shoulder. This is not a new pain but it feels worse than usual. Despite your usual treatment regimen that night (Ibupfrofen and ice), you wake up with a sore, hot shoulder. It is time to get this thing fixed. Afterall you have a tournament… Read More

If you are attempting to decide between Yoga or Pilates, this and my previous blog will give you a rundown of each and how to decide which might best suit your needs. Part II – Pilates Part one included a full description of the various styles of Yoga and how to choose the best one for you.    The Pilates Method was founded on and continues to be based on the visions of… Read More

Exercising with an injury or during rehabilitation is confusing.  After a surgery or with a chronic injury a lot of variables contribute to how you manage your habits and react to pain.  Many athletes will endure the pain and ATTEMPT to train through the symptoms.  On the other end of the spectrum people who have had a lot of chronic issues such as spinal pain, headaches, and other repetitive strain injuries tend… Read More


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